Egyptian Women under Islamist Fascist!


After the win of Muslim Brotherhood president Mr Morsi, I can say that we are under an Islamist  fascist !! As a woman i am so afraid of what will happen to me to limit my freedom and it happening already from individuals at the street during their celebration for Morsi! They annoying the girls who are uncovered and tell them that the Islam will clean Egypt from you! And other sentences have the same and worse meanings.

Muslim Brotherhood now control all the country and we saw them at the parliament like the parliamentary woman from Muslim Brotherhood who want to legalized the female genital mutilation!! And refused to be any law to prevent the sexual harassment !!

I think the fight for women rights and women freedom become more Aggressive with the new Islamist regime, All human and women rights defender around the world you have to support the women rights in Egypt, you have to support woman freedom!

The struggle for women freedom will be continuing…


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